Exploring Relationship Endings

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It would seem that the perfect way to end a partnership with another person is to discover the unbearable differences early and mutually agree to go separate ways. That would be wonderful, and it would save a lot of hard feelings. It is a rare and wonderful thing when two people can acknowledge they are not meant to be together without hurting each other. The unfortunate truth is that emotional involvement often keeps a pair together long after they have learned the truth, and the pain can be unbearable for at least one of them.

Getting into a relationship is relatively easy, but a commitment for the long term should take some time. The thought of being with a person for decades can be overwhelming, but it should feel like the right decision. When both parties are ready to agree it does not work, exploring relationship endings will be a subject they often regret learning. There are many ways for relationships to end, but the vast majority of them are painful.